Our Services

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Our Professional Services Range

From estimating, design building, value engineering, CMGC, construction management, and general contracting depending on our owners' and clients' needs and requirements. We regularly perform demolition, rough carpentry, door installation, finish carpentry, and small concrete work in the field.

In today's market, we find that specialized subcontractors are often able to provide these services more economically than we can in-house. We evaluate each project to decide which method benefits the Owner/Client more.

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Commercial General Contracting

DS Constructors LLC approaches all of our projects with a team philosophy. This collaborative concept allows us to create an environment where all parties contribute to the success of the project in all phases, from pre-construction to closeout.

Design Building

DS Constructors LLC has a well-established track record of generating accurate estimates, and our process is simple and effective. At the schematic design (SD) stage, we create a detailed scope of work and a budget based on historical data with current adjustments to develop an initial budget. The SD budget guides pre-construction phase decisions to avoid surprise cost deviations.

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Construction Management

DS Constructors LLC represents the owner's interests and provides oversight over the entire project directly for the owner. We work with all parties to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the owner's expected quality standards, scope, and function standards. DS Constructors is uniquely qualified through combined education and experience to work with all our owners, architects, and subcontractors to determine the best possible sequence of construction operations and develop a detailed schedule and budget while establishing project safety and security plans and helping the owner manage risk. Using project management controls, complex planning techniques like the critical path method, and knowledge of construction methods, we can assist our owners in building their projects from design to completion.

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The CM/GC process is broken down into two contract phases. The first contract phase, the design phase, allows the contractor to work with the designer and the project owner to identify risks, provide cost projections, and refine the project schedule. Once the design phase is complete, the contractor and project owner negotiate the price for the construction contract. If all parties agree on costs, the second contract phase, the construction phase, is kicked off, and construction begins.

There are advantages to using the CM/GC process. The contractor acts as the consultant in the design process and can offer new innovations, best practices, reduced costs, and schedule risks because of the contractor's years of proven experience doing the actual work. This process also allows the project owner to employ new innovations, assist in the design process, and make informed decisions regarding cost and schedule.



At DS Constructors LLC, we approach all our projects with a team philosophy. This collaborative concept allows us to create a unique environment where all parties contribute to the success of the project, beginning with pre-construction. Even during pre-construction, the project manager and superintendent are involved in providing constructability feedback, scheduling assistance, and other important insights. Allowing the construction team to participate makes pre-construction more effective and allows them to become familiar with the project to ease handoff and take ownership of key project decisions. This collaborative and detailed process ensures cost control and value engineering through all team members' continuous review of the products and construction methods.

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Value Engineering

DS Constructors LLC provides value engineering for all our clients. We work with owners to provide options that work within their budget to still provide the quality and scope that will fulfill their needs. 

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Join Our Team

We seek subcontractors who are experts in their trades and equipped with the proper tools and equipment. Our subcontractors have become a very important piece of our team. If you want to join our bidding team, please complete our subcontractor pre-qualification form or contact our office.